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Opened up my bible app and it was on this. It’s a daily struggle but it’s changing for the better. I refuse to live this life of mine in the darkness anymore. I choose live in his word and keep him first. Doesn’t mean I have miraculously became a better persons. It means that I dedicate the rest of my life becoming more like him every second, every minute, every hour of every day. I speak this into existence through your son Jesus Christ- Amen (at Calm State Of Mind)

Hello all hope your Sunday great. When available pre-order my 2015 calendar. It’s $8 and $1 from every sale will be going to TheBattered Women’s Foundation. In collaboration with @scottie07002 photography, I am excited about this project we are putting together and can’t wait for you to have it. Go to and purchase today. Link is in my bio. (at SMU)

Hello all, I am excited and blessed to announce that you can pre-order the 2015 calendar. A lot of hard work and preparation has been put into making this project successful. A big thank you to @scottie07002 for being the photographer behind this project. Feel free to DM me or email if you have any questions. Thank you and God Bless!

Thank you Photographer: @tyxavierphotography So much more to me than meets the eye. Love the people in my live and the journey God is putting before me. I’m a commercial print/ broadcasting model and actor and I does this haha. NY breeds beast though. Glad I came prepared. Thank you to all the photography and stylist family in Dallas for getting me ready. #CommercialPrint #Model #MaleModel #CampaignReady #NiceSmile #Tattoo #Kharakter #Nupe #ModelNupe #ANTM22 #EssenceEyeCandy @WesthavenMGMT

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