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I love bright colors on me. To amped to go to sleep, continuing the journey God has placed upon me. Three weeks ago I was at my UPS Job to know heading up to NYC to network and make a name for myself. When you put God first, everything else figures itself out. So blessed forms solid foundation. Photography & Styling: @Shimelkemoa @westhavenmgmt #MBFW #EssenceEyeCandy #FitKlub #Blessed #BlackMaleSuperModel #DarkSkin #Tattoo #Abs #DallasBoy #Atlanta #NYC #Miami #LA

There is no substitute for hard work on them weights and even harder work with your nutrition. If you want results dig deep and push yaself. Today was a full body day then 15 min in the sauna. Energy booster shake and Cucumber lemon water (good for ya skin) #FitKlub

Modeling is a passion, not a hobby. My job that pays the bills is a hobby haha. Blessed to be a blessing and loving what God has done and has yet to do. Appreciate the small things, he he will bless you with abundance. #favored stylist: @prynceb photographer: @lrochellephotog

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